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At long last, I am done with the kitchen (phase one) and the sewing. I thought I would put up some pictures. The end of May will bring me a new couch from Ikea, and some new rugs, so that will change the look of things again. But for now, I am done working on projects. Here are the new cabinets with fresh paint, crown moulding, and new hardware.





The beadboard went around the sides of the cabinets and makes them look like they belong in an old house.




A close up of the tile…




E. designed and made these cool brackets.




I found a few new trays…



Putting in this great sink was one of the best changes we made- I love the space!



This is the cosy dining room, and if you look out the window you can see E. mowing in the freezing cold.


We found a great upholstery lady who did our antique chairs in this new blue.


The ottoman got a new cover, and my mom made new pillows.


This is the curtain fabric.


Our playground turned out to be a great success- way to go E!





I read this article this morning with great sadness.  I am not surprised that people would seek a cure for AIDS this way because they can’t afford medication, and are utterly without hope.  I would encourage you all to pray about what we can do about this worldwide crisis.  Those seeking a “divine” cure are nearly right, but it is superstition  they are following, and they need saving faith.  My heart breaks for them and the millions like them.  What can we do?