So last week I had this really great post and then lost it in the netherworld of unsavedness. It took me a while to get over the loss, but I never stop thinking. In fact, all this time I have not been writing, I have been thinking. Many times the topics have been too boring to write about (should I paint the cabinet doors inside and have them spread out all over my house, or should I do it outside and risk the bugs drying on them and the cats leaving butt prints?) or too personal for the masses. Oh yes, masses. Check out my stats. I am famous. Either that or all six people who read this have checked my post 121.6 times each.

Anyway. Tonight I had a thought that I will share. Actually, it was not my thought, but then I did think about it, so it kind of became my thought too. I listened to a talk by Kay Arthur, and she was teaching on Titus. She mentioned the idea that many times we lose site of the fact that all of our actions have future consequences. Ok, so that does not sound profound when I actually write it out, but stay with me. I began to think about what specifically I was sowing in my life- in individual relationships and decisions, not just in my life in general. I thought about my girls, my husband, by health, etc. Now I do try to think about this regularly, but in some areas it is just too hard. I don’t really want to- like in how forgiving I am, or how much ice-cream I eat. But tonight I imagined the future- here on Earth , not just in heaven. When I am 63, what kind of house will I have built for myself? Proverbs says a wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down. Which am I?

I just thought all 6 of you could use a friendly reminder that we will all someday reap what we have sown. I want pineapples not poison ivy. How about you?