I thought today would never come!  This time of the year is so hard to bear anyway, but I had a holiday to look forward to!  So the minutes drug by; they were not bad, just very long.  E. and I get a whole weekend to ourselves.  Mom is keeping the girls tonight through next week.  Just kidding Mom!  Actually, until Sunday- and I am so excited.  We are going to a concert tonight, then off to Bardstown and a Bed and Breakfast there.  I will be sure to post some pictures when we get back.  Today has been so fun, because we actually got some snow!  It was beautiful and we had fun playing in it.  Without further ado:





As you can see, some of us had more fun than others!  The youngest did have fun at first, but by the time we were taking pictures, she was ready to go in.  I gave them a bath, and then the wanted their hair fixed so they could take some pretty pictures.


I had to put that last one in to show that she can be happy if she wants to be!  It has been a fun day, but there is much to do to get ready for my fun weekend.  I hope this time away will give me not only a much needed rest, but also something interesting to think and therefore write about.  The monotony that is Jan. and Feb. seems to dull my brain.  Well, I am off!