Whew, what a week. We had so much fun over the Thanksgiving holiday. Including our five, we had fifteen people over. It was such a divers group- my siblings and parents, two guys from out of town, my in-laws, and a guy from Ireland. Dinner went off great, except for the 30 pound turkey cooking in half the time it was supposed to and therefore being cold. I even woke up at 4 am to get it cooking because according to cooking turkey rules, it should have taken 9 hours to cook. Oh well, some things have to be screwy or it wouldn’t be my life.
We went and shot skeet down by the river after supper, which was fun, but at least for my part, nearly futile. I hope that someday I will be able to hit something with a shotgun that is right in front of me. I did manage to hit a tree with Dad’s revolver, but about seven feet higher than I was shootin‘ for. So if I am ever in a situation needing to shoot a very tall person, I will aim for the feet.
On Wednesday night all the youngin’s came over and watched a movie. It was bad, but made me think about a good movie that I seem to have forgotten- Memento. The only thing I remember is that it was cool and the main character forgot things much like I did the movie. I will have to watch that again sometime, and if I remember, I will tell you if it is good.
On Friday, a bunch of us went backpacking. I had never done this, so it was great fun for me. I succeeded in starting a fire, and cut down a tree all by myself. My campy husband has taught me well. He stayed home with the girls, so he earned big points for letting me go. G. and I froze in our tent, so I am never going in the cold again without a down sleeping bag. But what an amazing experience- I felt like a hobbit on a journey with all my stuff in someones else’s pack. Yeah, my analogy breaks down, unless K. from Ireland is my Sam and carries all the pots. I only had a small bag with food in it, but it still felt cool…
I realized on Friday that I have too much stuff. I hate the feeling of knowing that I have totes full of mysterious stuff that I never use, but still need for some reason. I had a shed full of stuff, not to mention a house full of stuff in cabinets and closets, and a barn full as well. So yesterday I cleaned out everything that was in my house that I don’t actually need. It feels great. E. and I did the shed on Sunday, so now its just the barn, and away it all will go. I am going to donate it all to an organization that provides for the poor here in Jessamine County. I feel so free and happy for it all to be gone. Now when I look around, all I see is things we need or use regularly. I should have done this ages ago. But the bigger question is, why did I collect all this stuff anyway? And how do I avoid id in the future? Well, at least for now, this will do, but I am thinking about how I want my life to be much more radical. I don’t know what form It will take, but I want to make the most of the short time I have to make a difference in the Kingdom. I don’t want all that crap I just got rid of to be the sum of my reward. So here’s thinkin‘- watch out for the new rad me.