Ever since I was six and saw a black baby doll at the fancy department store, I have wanted a black child. Then when I was older, the famine in Ethiopia became world news. Seeing the starving children there watered the seeds in my heart and gave me the dream to adopt children from Africa. Since I have become an adult, I have seen the need in so many parts of the world, but the faces of African boys have stuck in my mind. When you read about the culture in many parts of Africa and its effect on men there, it makes you want to do something. The practice of having several families in different parts of the country as a result of traveling to find work, gives men little sense of accountability for their actions. Couple this with the still circulated idea of curing AIDS by sleeping with as many virgins as possible, and you have a recipe for disaster. And so many boys are being taken into militia groups that teach them to kill, rape, and destroy. There is little hope for a boy in Africa to grow into a godly man with these influences, and it is a miracle that so many do. But the plight of orphans is even worse. Knowing that so many children there have no hope for a good life here on Earth saddens me, but the knowledge that they have no eternal hope is the worst of all.
Adoption also reflects the heart of God. He uses this metaphor to describe our relationship with Him. We are adopted as His sons (Ephesian 1:5), and given an inheritance and a hope. He also cares for the orphan, and anyone practicing true religion, does to. (See Isiah 1:17 and James 1:27). I think that when you understand (as much as we can understand) the heart of God toward us in this way it drives your heart toward adoption. I know that many people do not feel a burning desire to do this, but we are all called to care for orphans.
In the Old Testament, God made provision for orphans and widows part of His law. His character is the same today, and so I know that He still desires this. That is why I am not as afraid as you might think about coming up with the $30,000 that we will need to adopt two sons from Africa. You can join with me in praying that God would provide this money so that we can show two boys from the other side of the world that there are people who love them, and most of all that there is a God who still provides for orphans in their distress. You can also pray for the boys; they might be alive already and their suffering may be terrible.
There are many needy children right here in Kentucky. It is hard to know how to pick which child needs us the most. Children in the US that are disabled or addicted to substances at birth are also falling through the cracks. They may end up in a good foster home, but they could be subject to neglect or abuse. This is an option for us, so we will have to pray for wisdom regarding the direction we choose. I hope that you catch our vision and will pray with us.