Sometimes I feel so impotent in regards to politics. I know, I vote, but when it comes to discussing things with people, it feels as if it has already been said, and better said, by someone else. But I just have to tell you how much I support what you are doing. I feel that there needs to be a record, somewhere, of the fact that I was not one of the blind ones. That I saw the danger threatening our society and way of life. That I knew that there was only one way to defeat those who seek to destroy us- to destroy them. I will never forget the horrible day that I made myself watch video of Islamic terrorists cut off an innocent man’s head as he screamed. I knew at that moment that what we were fighting was evil on a worldwide scale. I would no longer be able to be neutral, or even just apathetic. I would have to care. And I do. I will continue to support all those who love our country and what it stands for; all those who fight for our freedom and for others to have it as well. So, brother, when it feels like “death-by-powerpoint” and you feel insignificant- remember that you are a part of something much greater. Sure, this side isn’t perfect, but we are right. I am so proud of you, and it is with great honor, that I align myself with those that give of themselves for the sake of freedom.