So I took Jill to the Humane Society this afternoon. It was terrible, I almost cried and she was so scared. It just had to be done, though. Because of the danger she was in, I was putting her in her crate sometimes when I could not watch her. This made her very mad at me and she was beginning to run away from me when I called her. And then, this afternoon, I forgot and left her outside and she would not come home. I called her for ever, and then realized that she could probably hear me (Jack had come back after all and they were always together), she just did not want to come. So that was the last bit, and I took her this afternoon. I feel like the worst pet owner in the world, and I will sure miss her sweet curiosity and playfulness. It didn’t help that my youngest daughter told me she would give me all the pennies in her piggy bank so we could build a fence! Sometimes doing the right thing feels awful. I just hope there is someone close by who wants a sweet German Shepherd and will rescue her for good.